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    Leonardo Frid
    Leonardo Frid

    How do you copy a project within or between libraries to represent a subset of primary strata?
    1. Right click on the project or scenario that you want to copy and select Copy.
    2. Right click on the destination library icon (cylinder) and select paste. A new project will be created. If a project was originally copied, all of its scenarios will be included in the copy. If the source was a scenario, only that scenario will be included.
    3. To have only a subset of strata included in the copied project navigate to the Project | Properties for the new project and select Strata | Primary Stratum.
    4. Select all strata that you do not wish to be included in this new project; then right click on them and select Delete. Note that you can select multiple rows here using either the shift or control keys. Note also that the delete operation may take several minutes if there are many strata in the project.

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